Codificar con Coco

An organization dedicated to providing free coding classes for our Hispanic youth.

Our Mission

Unite Hispanic Youth

Hispanics are the most underrepresented in STEM fields, making up just 8% of the STEM workforce but 17% of all US workers. CCC works to close this gap by providing more diverse foundations in computer science.

Teach Computer Science

Coding is an important subject for youth to learn in this technology-driven world. However, poorly funded public schools on both sides of the border do not provide coding classes. When learning how to code, kids improve their math skills, logic, and English.

Provide Future Opportunities

Our classes prepare students to be more successful by inspiring them to find their passions within the field of computer science and pursue a higher education. Current students can connect with CCC mentors and alumni to network and seek out more opportunities.



This is our weekly introductory class for students who want to learn how to code but don't know where to start. We teach Scratch, a high-level block-based visual programming language. No experience is required. Sign up here.


Are you interested in learning the most popular programming language? This is our weekly Python class where students start to learn the fundamentals of real code. Scratch experience is required. Sign up here.

Website Development

By the end of this course, students will have their own website built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and deployed using GitHub Pages. Scratch experience is required. Sign up here.

Summer Intensive

In our two-session summer camp (45 hours each), students learn many concepts ranging from algorithms to cybersecurity to game development. No experience is required. Sign up here.

Help Out


We are always looking for more mentors so we can expand our services. Fill out this form to become a mentor.


You can help our mission by connecting us with more students, mentors, and speakers by referring them to this website and having them fill out the appropriate form. If they still have questions, our email contact is linked at the bottom.


While mentoring is our preferred manner for donations, in the near future, we will also accept monetary donations that will 100% go towards providing educational supplies and technology to our students.

About Us

Athena Coco Hernandez

In every coding class Coco took, she was the only Hispanic student which often made her feel alienated and uncomfortable. So, Coco went on to found CCC with one goal in mind: closing the Hispanic gap within the field of computer science one kid at a time.

10+ Schools

Our students come from many different schools in both the United States and Mexico including cities like San Diego, Chula Vista, San Ysidro, Tijuana, and Mexico City.

10+ Mentors

Our tutors speak both Spanish and English. We are always looking for more to mentor due to the expanding amount of students and need for small class sizes. Our ideal ratio is 4 students per mentor.

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